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JD Owens Carpet & Ceramic Outlet, of Marianna, FL offers the finest tile flooring options in the Florida panhandle, Alabama, and Georgia area. We are ready to help you decorate your floors and walls with tile products that offer unlimited colors, patterns, sizes, shapes, textures, and finishes.  


We will help you create an ambiance for any residential or commercial property with tile that will fit your décor scheme and budget!  JD Owens Carpet & Ceramic Outlet professionals are here to assist you in creating the look that will achieve your vision and dreams for an outstanding flooring presentation.  

Quality tile, everyday low prices, and courteous, professional service

Why choose tile as your flooring option? Natural stone, ceramic, and porcelain tiles look great and never go out of style. We offer you the ability to choose from hundreds of different tiles to help you achieve the flooring presentation you desire, and always within budget!  

  • Ceramic tile

  • Porcelain tile

  • Marble tile

  • Quarry tile

  • Glass tile

  • Vinyl tile

  • Luxury vinyl tile

  • Natural stone tile

  • Granite tile

Tile products

  • 12x24

  • 20x20

  • 24x24

  • 12x12

  • 6x24

  • 18x18

  • 13x13

  • Rectangle

  • Square

Tile sizes:

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Tile applications:

  • Floors

  • Walls

  • Backsplashes

  • And, anything else!

Tile spaces:

  • Bedrooms

  • Living rooms

  • Kitchens and bathrooms

  • Entertainment and theatre rooms

  • Offices

  • Garages and Basements

  • Hallways

  • Driveways, Walkways

  • Patio and Pool Decks

  • Sunrooms

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