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JD Owens Carpet & Ceramic Outlet, of Marianna, FL is the premier hardwood flooring source for all residential and commercial flooring applications. Manufactures today have developed some of the finest hardwood flooring products that are beautiful, eye-appealing, affordable, durable, and will fit any décor scheme you desire.  

Hardwood flooring for all residential and commercial flooring needs

Wood flooring enhances the warmth of any residential home or commercial structure. It also increases the value of your home or building and adds to your lifestyle enjoyment. Medical specialist most agree that wood flooring is the best type of flooring if one has allergies

Wood flooring is timeless

  • Solid wood

  • Engineered wood

  • Laminated wood

  • Hand-scraped wood

  • Parquet

  • Exotic wood

Types of wood flooring:

Hardwood finishes:

  • Pre-finished: Pre-finished wood floors offers a wider variety of wood species and saves hours of labor and clean-up.

  • Unfinished: Unfinished floors allow you to have a custom floor where you choose the wood species and it is sanded and the stain applied on-site.  

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Photo Shown Above, Tony & Casi Layne, Hardwood Flooring Residential Project

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